Trees need water to survive. If trees do not receive enough water from rainfall or supplemental irrigation they will begin to experience stress which will cause them to be more susceptible to pests (additional stress) that seek out stressed hosts. Biggz Tree Care does not ascribe to the ‘one inch per week’ rule. Rather, we understand that each tree has its own water requirements based upon many factors such as species, size, soil quality and health, topography, evapotranspiration rates, etc. In order to assist you with water management we will:
  • Meet with you to determine you and your trees objectives.
  • Assess the current water supply and compare it to the rate required by your tree using reliable landscape coefficients.
  • If necessary, perform water test for irrigation water, which can have excess salts.
  • Install irrigation system if recommended
*Biggz Tree Care, LLC is a licensed irrigation contractor through the state of Louisiana. Please see our Credentials page.

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