Basic Services
Plant Health Care
Root Care & Soil Health

In order to effectively care for trees,
appropriate diagnostics must be utilized. Biggz Tree Care can meet with you to determine exactly what is harming your trees. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, we can prepare a management plan to restore you tree to health to the extent possible. Some of the diagnostic resources that Biggz Tree Care utilizes are:
  • LSU Soils Lab
  • LSU Tissue Analysis Lab
  • LSU Plant Pathology Lab
  • LSU Agronomy Dept.
  • SU Faculty
  • Many reference manuals and publications pertaining to tree health
Tree Preservation Plans

Careful measures must be taken
pre and post construction to maintain tree health. From the design phase, to pre-construction, during construction, post-construction, and follow-up visits, Biggz Tree Care has the wherewithal to work closely with land owners, developers, architects, and contractors in order to implement a management plan that will assist in the preservation of your trees. These plans may consist of:
  • Selecting trees most suitable for preservation
  • Appropriate protection of trees during development
  • Collaboration with other professionals
  • Reports and Record Keeping
  • Site Monitoring and follow-up vistis
Risk Management

Managing risk is crucial
in preventing catastrophic tree failure. Although tree failure is infrequent, when it does occur, there is a probability that it can cause harm to persons and damage to property. Biggz Tree Care can work with you to develop a risk management plan based on your acceptable level of risk. Our risk management plans consist of the following:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Risk Communication
  • Risk Mitigation
Supplemental Support Systems

Biggz Tree Care
currently installs the following supplemental support systems, following ANSI standards and Best Management Practices to the extent possible:
  • Braces
  • Cabling
  • Props
  • Anchors
  • Less invasive Cobra cabling systems
Decay Detection

Does your tree have decay?
If so, the decay could increase your risk of a tree or limbs failing and possibly injuring property or people. It's often difficult to visually discern if trees have internal decay. We use a Resistograph drill, which detects the resistance of wood. A 2mm drill bit is drilled up to 16" into the trunk or limbs of the tree in question. The Resistograph prints out a paper reading of the resistance while on site! Also, the reading is stored on a bluetooth device for furter interpretation and recommendation. Each drill site comes with an on site reading as well as a more detailed reading emailed in pdf format with further recommendations. Pricing depends on number & height of testing sites.

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